We teamed up with ANOMALIE to bring you this logo patches which are available now!

Limited to 200 pieces [ca. 15 x 3 cm] – only available from us and from the band directly.

Anomalie Cursed Patch

Anomalie Cursed Records Patch

ANOMALIE are currently working on their third studio album. We quote:

“The album is entitled „Visions“ and will contain the following tracks and guests:
Vision I: Towards the Sun*
Vision II: The Wanderer
Vision III: A Monument
Vision IV: Illumination
Vision V: Starless Nights
Vision VI: White Forest
Vision VII: One With The Soil**
Vision VIII: …Of Ice And Stone (Instrumental Vinyl Bonus-Track)

* featuring Bartholomäus Resch (Our Survival Depends On Us, Ex-Belphegor)
** featuring Heike Langhans (Draconian, ISON)
Picture by Sophias Weißberg (Auras & Impressions)”

Anomalie new album