Make a Change... Kill Yourself IV LP mock up

IV LP version by Make a Change... Kill Yourself

Pre order for the vinyl version of Make a Change… Kill Yourself’s IV is finally open! Official release date is the 24.10.2018 – pre orders will be shipped before that date. We never expected it to take that long, but we are glad that we never opened the pre order before having a definite date. Time has finally come! Click here to get to the pre order!

The LP version will be released in black / grey splatter and first press is limited to 500 copies world wide.


  • Sida A – Once Awake
  • Side B – Shadows of a meaningless reality

At the top, you can get a first look at our teaser for the release. Please note that this is just a mock up. The final look of the product may vary – as crazy vinyl productions normally do.

Please note that also CD and Tape versions are still available. The CD version is one of the fastest selling out releases we ever had, so we are already preparing the second press (which will of course differ from the first, because we believe in offering unique products of and for our artists).

On a more serious note, we are always striving to make the Cursed Records shopping experience better. We’ve updated our shipping options with adding priority shipping options. We also resolved a problem we had with cryptocurrency payments and everything is back on track now, payment possible in BTC, LTC, DASH and DOGE (besides classical options like PayPal and bank transfer). Thank you for your continuous support!

Once Awake by Make a Change... Kill Yourself [new song]

ONCE AWAKE by Make a Change… Kill Yourself

We are proud to present a new Make a Change… Kill Yourself track to you. Click below to experience our premiere of Once Awake, one of two songs of the upcoming album IV. This is the first new Make a Change song since more than five years and the release of Fri in 2012.

CD / Tape Release: 15-1-2018 [pre-order here]
Vinyl Release: TBA

To your left you can take a first look at the digipak version.

CD / LP are limited to 500 pieces each

MC version is limited to 200 black tapes

In conclusion, we want to thank you for your support!

Make a Change... Kill Yourself

Make a Change... Kill Yourself

Make a Change… Kill Yourself joins Cursed Records for the upcoming album ‘IV‘. The 4th album by the Danes marks the first studio full length since ‘Fri’ in 2012. CD and MC versions will be released on the 15th of January 2018, whereas LP version will be announced in January!  IV features 2 songs, totalling 42 minutes of new Make a Change music. We at Cursed Records are proud that we are bringing our collaboration to a new level. You can pre order the CD or MC version here! Below, you can take a first look at a teaser.

We asked Make a Change for a comment on the album or our collaboration… we were told that everything one needs to know is already written in the band’s name.

The album was recorded in autumn of 2016 in ‘Mughullet’ by Ynleborgaz. Lyrics are written by Nattetale and Ynleborgaz.


  1. Once Awake
  2. Shadows of a meaningless reality

Total of [42] min

Fallen Utopia - Disequilibrium (2018) Announcement!

Fallen Utopia – Disequilibrium

It was time! Fallen Utopia’s first release Nothing’s made for eternity was the second album we ever released making it one of our longest collaborations to date. Now, we can finally share further details about Disequilibrium, Fallen Utopia’s anticipated upcoming album! Twelve songs of uncompromising modern death metal are awaiting you. Below, you can take a first look at the teaser!

29-12-2017: Carinthia release

On the 29th of December, Disequilibrium will be released for Carinthians only who attend the special release show together with Illdisposed, Erebos and

22-01-2018: world wide release


  1. Müllers Asylum
  2. Said the Mute to the Deaf
  3. Mind Cage
  4. As the World Falls Silent
  5. Omnivore
  6. Macrocosm
  7. Disequilibrium
  8. Coma
  9. Blood Cult
  10. Shaping of Ideology
  11. The Rider’s Tale
  12. From Void to Chaos

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We are always striving to make shopping and supporting extreme music as comfortable as possible for you. That does not only mean that we try to collect music rarities from all over the world, but also that we try to make the experience as user-friendly as possible. So let us introduce NEM / XEM.

NEM is a digital blockchain solution and with XEM, it offers a secure and fast way of paying for your orders. As you near the check out of your order, you are now able to choose "Pay with XEM" and your order will be calculated to XEM in real-time, allowing you to send the XEM amount immediately. This on the other hand allows us to directly see and progress your order, since the NEM Blockchain sends (almost) instant. Please be sure to use the reference given as your transaction message.

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More about NEM (official homepage)

Erebos Cursed Records

Erebos: CD and Merchandise now available!

We teamed up with Erebos to bring you there last album (Descent to Beyond) as well as their new merchandise (shirts, girlies, patches) to you! Erebos brings you the finest Austrian Death Metal since 2003!

Now available:

Erebos Cursed Records
Click here for an overview of all Erebos products!



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We are proud to inform you that it is now possible to pay for your orders in Bitcoin (BTC). You can simply choose the transaction method during check out and pay directly and securely at the end of your order! Real-time conversion rates are applied (Gateway from GoUrl). 
We are always looking to make your shopping experience more comfortable and we hope that today we took an important step for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts among you.
Cursed Records Bitcoin

Nephrolith Paleness of the Bled World

Nephrolith album preview online!

Below you can find the preview of all 8 new Nephrolith songs from the upcoming Paleness of the Bled World. You can pre-order the album by clicking here.

Paleness of the Bled World will be released on the 11th of November 2016 - you can find the digital version by clicking here [Bandcamp] or check iTunes, Spotify and many more...


  1. 1004
  2. Drained Away
  3. Rejoined [full song]
  4. Flamespeech
  5. Moth* [full song]
  6. Olistje
  7. Warmth Into Fire*
  8. 4001
    *featuring Tim Yatras (Germ / ex-Austere etc)
Nephrolith Paleness of the Bled World
Nephrolith - Paleness of the Bled World (11-11-2016)

Nephrolith - short history:

Nephrolith is a band from Bled, Slovenia formed in 2008. In the beginning they stayed true to the more darker tunes with a concept of coldness and death, as they released an EP Vinsketh early in 2009. Continuosly they reached further into more philosophical waters where they tried to bind the essence of the soul with the music, but they have not strayed too far from the theme of death and darkness. Through prophetic verse and melodic fast paced black metal with influences of death metal Nephrolith created their debut album Xullux in 2011. After the Xullux’ release the group had many successful concerts, played twice on MetalDays festival and had full venues when headlining or being a support band to the likes of Impaled Nazarene, Hate, Belphegor, Benighted in many cities of Slovenia and some abroad throughout the next years. During the past years Nephrolith started with the re-forming of black metal into something unique and different than usual typical genre. The genres that accompany the new album Paleness of the Bled World vary and go further. They re-form black metal into something atmospheric, melodic, rock-alike, while trying not to deform its core musically and lyrically. Paleness of the Bled World not only represents something new, but it is a chapter that marks a trial the group had to overcome and it is the result of that success. It reflects the moments in time and out of time that through images form a dialog with death and what comes beyond.

Anomalie new album

ANOMALIE: limited patches available now!

We teamed up with ANOMALIE to bring you this logo patches which are available now!

Limited to 200 pieces [ca. 15 x 3 cm] - only available from us and from the band directly.

Anomalie Cursed Patch

Anomalie Cursed Records Patch

ANOMALIE are currently working on their third studio album. We quote:

"The album is entitled „Visions“ and will contain the following tracks and guests:
Vision I: Towards the Sun*
Vision II: The Wanderer
Vision III: A Monument
Vision IV: Illumination
Vision V: Starless Nights
Vision VI: White Forest
Vision VII: One With The Soil**
Vision VIII: …Of Ice And Stone (Instrumental Vinyl Bonus-Track)

* featuring Bartholomäus Resch (Our Survival Depends On Us, Ex-Belphegor)
** featuring Heike Langhans (Draconian, ISON)
Picture by Sophias Weißberg (Auras & Impressions)"

Anomalie new album



Nephrolith sign to Cursed Records for upcoming album!

We are proud to announce that Nephrolith have just signed to Cursed Records for their upcoming album. The new opus will be called Paleness of the Bled World and will be released on the 11th of November 2016. Below you can listen to the pre-view track "Moth" featuring Tim Yatras (Austere / Germ / Autumn's Dawn) and take a first look at the artwork!

More to be announced soon!

Paleness of the Bled World not only represents something new, but it is a chapter that marks a trial the group had to overcome and it is the result of that success. It reflects the moments in time and out of time that through images form a dialog with death and what comes beyond.



Nephrolith Paleness of the Bled World
Pre Order will be announced soon!!