Make a Change… Kill Yourself joins Cursed Records for the upcoming album ‘IV‘. The 4th album by the Danes marks the first studio full length since ‘Fri’ in 2012. CD and MC versions will be released on the 15th of January 2018, whereas LP version will be announced in January!  IV features 2 songs, totalling 42 minutes of new Make a Change music. We at Cursed Records are proud that we are bringing our collaboration to a new level. You can pre order the CD or MC version here! Below, you can take a first look at a teaser.

We asked Make a Change for a comment on the album or our collaboration… we were told that everything one needs to know is already written in the band’s name.

The album was recorded in autumn of 2016 in ‘Mughullet’ by Ynleborgaz. Lyrics are written by Nattetale and Ynleborgaz.


  1. Once Awake
  2. Shadows of a meaningless reality

Total of [42] min