Below you can find the preview of all 8 new Nephrolith songs from the upcoming Paleness of the Bled World. You can pre-order the album by clicking here.

Paleness of the Bled World will be released on the 11th of November 2016 – you can find the digital version by clicking here [Bandcamp] or check iTunes, Spotify and many more…


  1. 1004
  2. Drained Away
  3. Rejoined [full song]
  4. Flamespeech
  5. Moth* [full song]
  6. Olistje
  7. Warmth Into Fire*
  8. 4001
    *featuring Tim Yatras (Germ / ex-Austere etc)
Nephrolith Paleness of the Bled World
Nephrolith – Paleness of the Bled World (11-11-2016)

Nephrolith – short history:

Nephrolith is a band from Bled, Slovenia formed in 2008. In the beginning they stayed true to the more darker tunes with a concept of coldness and death, as they released an EP Vinsketh early in 2009. Continuosly they reached further into more philosophical waters where they tried to bind the essence of the soul with the music, but they have not strayed too far from the theme of death and darkness. Through prophetic verse and melodic fast paced black metal with influences of death metal Nephrolith created their debut album Xullux in 2011. After the Xullux’ release the group had many successful concerts, played twice on MetalDays festival and had full venues when headlining or being a support band to the likes of Impaled Nazarene, Hate, Belphegor, Benighted in many cities of Slovenia and some abroad throughout the next years. During the past years Nephrolith started with the re-forming of black metal into something unique and different than usual typical genre. The genres that accompany the new album Paleness of the Bled World vary and go further. They re-form black metal into something atmospheric, melodic, rock-alike, while trying not to deform its core musically and lyrically. Paleness of the Bled World not only represents something new, but it is a chapter that marks a trial the group had to overcome and it is the result of that success. It reflects the moments in time and out of time that through images form a dialog with death and what comes beyond.