You can now pre-order Ewig Frost‘s new album NO DICE here at Cursed Records. Ewig Frost sound like you’re speeding down the highway through post-apocalyptic deserts while the end of the world is breathing down your neck! A collaboration of: Discos Macarras, Musica Hibrida, WM, Red Wine Rites, No Sanctuary Records, Pogohai Records, Chainsaw Distro and Cursed Records.


You can take a listen with the teaser below:


Full Tracklist:

1. Void
2. High Octane Anarchy
3. Smoke & Mirrors
4. Atomic Release
5. Twister
6. Deepwater Horizon
7. No Scene
8. No Dice
9. Through Deserts and Dust
10. A Achterl Auf’s Sterben (Schenk Nu Ans Ei!)
11. The Haze of the Lizards
12. Black Mountain Madness