We just released an official lyric video in cooperation with PANYCHIDA for Josafat (The Gathering) from their upcoming album Haereticalia – The Night Battles.
The 4th studio album of the quintet from Pilsen (Czech Republic) will be released in 2016 via Cursed Records.

Panychida Cursed Records

The album marks new progress in the bands EVILution. Panychida draw inspiration from different metal genres while still focusing on melodic backgrounds, thus the band labels the album as blackened heavy metal, because METAL is what counts. Be prepared for Haereticalia – The Night Battles, release date and pre order info to be announced soon.



[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”none”]Personal Note by Franz from Cursed Records: I already had the honour to listen to some of the upcoming material. As always, Panychida manage to surprise while still maintaining their high level of quality. Honest music, how it should be! [/box]

Video Credits
Narrated parts taken from Carlo Ginzburg´s book “The Night Battles: Witchcraft and Agrarian Cults in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries” (english translation).

Narrated by Michael G. Maurer. Video by Honza V.
Recorded at KSV studios, Prague, Czech Republic between June 2015 and March 2016.

Panychida line-up:

  • Vlčák – lead vocals, backing vocals
  • Sinneral – guitars, programming, orchestrations
  • Honza V. – guitars, clean vocals, backing vocals
  • Talic – bass, backing vocals
  • Sheafraidh – drums, backing vocals, guitars


  • Zdeněk Nevělík (ET MORIEMUR) – guest lead vocals on “Hunting the Witches”

Panychida discography:

2007 – Paganized (Folter Records)

2010 – Moon, Forest, Blinding Snow (Folter Records)

2011 – Woodland Journey” (EP Parat)

2013 – Grief for an Idol (Paragon Records, Cursed Records, Werewolf prods.)

2016 – Haereticalia – The Night Battles (Cursed Records)

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Official homepage: http://www.panychida.com

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Bandzone: http://www.bandzone/panychida

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