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Make a Change… Kill Yourself – I (Double LP)


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MAKE A CHANGE… KILL YOURSELF‘s self-titled debut album re-released as DOUBLE vinyl, called “I”.
Limited to 181 copies – we only have a very limited supply in our shop!

This is the epitome of suicidal, dreary, misanthropic, funeral doom black metal.
4 chapters with 70 minutes of depressive atmosphere and long harsh riffs.
Each riff just depressively repeats itself over and over, building up, until the song will suddenly change direction but you will only get sucked in even more…

VINYL 1: Side A
1 – Chapter one(14:08)

Side B
2 – Chapter two (16:08)

VINYL 2: Side C
3 – Chapter three (13:28)

Side D
4 – Chapter four (27:06)


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