We are always striving to make shopping and supporting extreme music as comfortable as possible for you. That does not only mean that we try to collect music rarities from all over the world, but also that we try to make the experience as user-friendly as possible. So let us introduce NEM / XEM.

NEM is a digital blockchain solution and with XEM, it offers a secure and fast way of paying for your orders. As you near the check out of your order, you are now able to choose “Pay with XEM” and your order will be calculated to XEM in real-time, allowing you to send the XEM amount immediately. This on the other hand allows us to directly see and progress your order, since the NEM Blockchain sends (almost) instant. Please be sure to use the reference given as your transaction message.

To celebrate this, you can use the Coupon Code “NEM” to get 5% off your total order when you check out with XEM!

More about NEM (official homepage)